We would like to shoot your event as an "in kind" sponsor by providing photographic services for your run.  Specifically, our services focus on action photographs taken during events.  We have been runners in Houston for 25 years and have participated in numerous races throughout the area.   Recent assignments have included:  TXU Sheltering Arms Turkey Trot, Baylor College of Medicine 5K, Houston Rockets Run, UTMB Causeway FunD Run, Sylvan Beach Tri & Du, Silverlake Tri, Heights 5K, Dynamo Go for the Goal, Darling Dash, Jog the Journey and others.  Samples of these photos are available at the Recent Events link below. 

·  We will manage all aspects of this assignment. 
·  There is no cost to race organizers. 
·  Photographs will be posted on our website.
·  Orders will be processed promptly (usually the same day).
·  If you are conducting a door prize drawing, we will provide a voucher to be included.
·  A 20% discount will be offered to your registrants.
·  For races with more than 1000 finishers, we offer a sliding profit sharing scale.
·  After the event, we will provide a DVD with promotional photos including sponsors, signage, groups, volunteers, and          officials.

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